A Last Post for 2020

Haiku for the New (Year)

Photo by Ian Taylor on Unsplash

Bubbles in my glass,
Relief in my weary soul;
2020’s done.

This year broke our hearts
Over and over, and yet
Here we are, alive!

A star coming up
Over the dark horizon;
May its light mean hope.

Life will roar ahead
In 2021, but
What will it look like?

Vaccines are one thing,
Immunity another,
Safety something else.

Here’s what I have learned:
Something in joy is stubborn,
Like its sister, love.

What may lie ahead
Has no more lasting power
Than we choose to grant.

If you hold a glass,
Be bold, be brave, lift it up.
The future’s here, now.


  1. Beautiful final post for the year, Jan. “Something in joy is stubborn”…oh, so true! Here’s to better times in the coming year!

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