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Your Name Escapes Me

I remember you. Just not your name You can tell I’ve forgotten, can’t you? You’re too nice to point that out, of course, which in a way makes me feel even stupider. But I’m standing in the endless checkout line…

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Let’s Make This Easy

Why didn’t I think of this sooner? I’d love to hear from you Just like all bloggers, writers, and podcasters want to hear from their readers or listeners, I’m thrilled when I get a comment. Because I know this, I…

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Don’t Miss the Double Launch

Listen up: episodes of two podcasts taking off today Sometimes good things come in two’s And sometimes schedules just coincide. Either way, today is the release date of two episodes from two different podcasts I’m involved in. I’m so tickled…

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RIP, Molly

You made a graceful exit The problem with dogs is that they don’t live long Not long by human standards, that is. If Molly had been human, she wouldn’t even have had her driver’s learning permit. But Molly was a…

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