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The Dying Woman We Drove Past

A battle for life in a strip mall parking lot We were heading home from a graduation party, along a route we’ve driven a thousand times before, past gas stations, car repair shops, a supermarket with its satellite storefronts ranged around…

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I Can See Clearly Now

Widening my window of tolerance — and why we all might want to Recently, I went through a round of telemedicine talk therapy. It had been a long winter, and I’d been struggling with a pattern of self-defeating thoughts. But…

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What Were You Thinking?

My 13 stupidest moments, ranked People who know me think I’m smart. And by standard measures — academic grades, SAT scores, the intelligence tests I didn’t even know I was taking in early elementary school — they’re correct. I am…

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Mystery Backyard Beast!

A strange creature is stalking Boise A UFC has been captured on film near where I live Last week, while checking my local Nextdoor feed — no doubt you’re familiar with, the app that allows you to exchange neighborhood…

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