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Yes, go to the funeral

Because showing up matters “I love funerals!” said no one ever I doubt even morticians say that. At least, not out loud. For the rest of us, there is no “fun” in funerals. That holds true even when they’re called something…

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Please Don’t Judge Me

I have a weird compulsion My husband enters the room. I close my browser tab He glances at me. “You told me you’d stopped,” he says, and I know he knows what I’ve been doing. “You said you weren’t going to…

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Yep, I’m Too Old For That

Popular trends I’m delighted will skip me I have not taken up residence on the dustheap of history Not yet, not by a long shot. In certain dimensions of life, I’m just getting started. As a confirmed and happy late bloomer,…

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What I Learned on Safari

Nature’s balance is perfect. But brutal The day before I left on a long-planned, dream trip to Kenya, a blogger friend sent me a bon voyage message. In part, it read: Let it change you. Indeed it has, in ways…

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