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Tanka For the Dog Days

Noodling on numbers —and time Maybe you already know this The term “dog days,” meant to denote the hottest stretch of summer weather, does not derive from panting pooches lolling in the heat, their tongues unfurled. No, this period got…

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Molly on Mortality

Dogs understand things we don’t If Molly were human, she would be 90 Roughly speaking, that is. There’s the old formula in which one year in a dog’s life equals seven in a human’s, but that’s been replaced by more…

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Turned Off By Politics?

How about by being a citizen? You may not be interested in politics. But politics is interested in you That’s a version of a saying often attributed to Leon Trotsky, except with the word “war” replacing “politics.” I did a…

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Story Time Teaser

(Help a writer out here) I’ve written before about how much I like writing contests. They can provide challenge, inspiration, and, if you win or get a mention, a big whacking shot of confidence — something every writer except possibly…

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