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An Invitation to the Middle Class

Bill Gates, come on down Bill Gates is giving away his money On a recent Twitter thread, he announced that he’s giving another $20 billion —yes, that’s billion with a “b” — to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Bill…

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Tooting My Horn

I’m interviewed on a podcast! I’ve hyped Crow’s Feet previously One, because I think its positive, honest, anti-ageism theme is important — and two, because I’m one of its producers. And in this episode, I’m the guest interviewee! Warren Turner,…

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Aging in Style

3 lessons from my denim jacket I’ve had this jacket for over 35 years In clothing years, that makes my denim jacket a bona fide elder. But it would be wrong to call it a vintage jacket. It’s not some…

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Life In Escrow

Existential adventures in standby I’m the person who boards your flight last Or, close to last. Not because I overslept or missed a connection from another airline or I couldn’t find the right gate. I’m what the airlines refer to…

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What’s Wrong With Me?

I’m grieving — for my country I’ve felt this, on and off, since 2016 There were intimations of it even long before that; waves of disquiet and dread during the second Bush administration as it used the national tragedy of…

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