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Overwriters Anonymous

At our small town’s single transfer print shop, the owner hefts a large paper bag across the counter toward me. It contains a print-out of my current writing project, a novel. I take it home and shove it into a…

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FREE: My Birthday Gift To You

Whee! My birthday is this week, on July 6. And you thought all the fireworks were about something else, didn’t you? To celebrate the anniversary of my nativity, I am offering my Kindle ebook, CORPSE POSE: AND OTHER TALES,…

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Judge By The Cover Part 2

Previously on, we were checking out the cover for THE MOON RAN AFTER HER, my debut novel set during the Armenian Genocide and based on real events. If you saw the post, you will perhaps remember the proposed cover…

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Conference Confidential

So I’ve just returned from the Historical Novel Society conference in Portland — and I do mean just; I’m perched on a semi-padded bench at SFO waiting for the airporter to Napa — and my little writer brain is whizzing along…

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Judging By The Cover

Let’s pretend you’re browsing through a bookstore. Picture your favorite independent bookseller’s shop, someplace with racks and racks of tempting volumes and plenty of light and comfy chairs, an espresso bar and maybe a cat (a congenial, hypoallergenic cat that only…

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