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Why I’m Crying On Vacation

It’s not the vacation. I’m having a wonderful time, visiting family while on a leisurely road trip through the Northwest. I get to see my beloved grandnieces and grandnephews, children who are thriving and happy and delightful and safe. But…

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A Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

Above is the photo I just texted my kids. It’s not a great photo, obviously, and I probably should at least have cleaned off the countertop first. But since they live over a thousand miles away, I knew they’d want…

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Follow the Leader?

The middle school counselor and I sit in chairs, our postures consciously constructed to appear non-threatening. It’s no small thing for an eighth-grade girl to face down two adults, even this eighth-grade girl, who sits upright and alert, the ingratiating…

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This Is a Civil Emergency

If you’ve paid even the most casual attention to the news this week, you’re aware that the tension in the US is reaching a pitch. With the federal government hamstrung by the longest shutdown in its history, investigative reports revealing…

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