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Can We Step Across the Divide Now?

If you voted for Trump, I’ve got a deal for you: I won’t gloat if you don’t despair I am happy that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris won Okay, “happy” is a tepid understatement. I am thrilled, overjoyed, and wobbly-kneed with…

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Do We Need Halloween?

Yes, we do. Now more than ever We’re already eating candy and wearing masks, so why Halloween? It’s the weirdest holiday we celebrate in the U.S., and hasn’t this year been weird enough? Our lives have been reconfigured in ways…

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America, the Choice is Yours

Donald Trump or Bruce Springsteen? Here’s a recent headline you may have missed  Not about another non-debate or the Supreme Court or the latest grim viral toll, nor about the latest hurricane or wildfire. This one is about Trump’s plans for…

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Hello, Person To My Right

There’s been some confusion. Can we talk? Wow, it’s noisy out there There’s so much shouting and posturing as the days tick by toward November 3 that we can hardly hear ourselves think, am I right? New day, new spectacle, from…

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Mitt, You Broke My Heart

How could I be so stupid? You really pulled the wool over my eyes, Mitt I mean, it’s not like I thought you and I agreed on a whole lot — our stances on most social issues are about as…

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