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Raging Fires, Choking Air, Tiny Stories

Six-word tales from the burning West One: Lights on at noon in California. Two: That’s not snow falling; that’s ash. Three: Smoke seeps through walls and windows. Four: Nothing says apocalypse like poison skies. Five: Just breathe? Easier said than…

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Waiting For Summer To End

In California, September is the cruelest month In other regions of the U.S, September brings tantalizing hints of fall I see it in the tweets and Facebook posts from people in Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Wisconsin, even Washington: announcements of a tingling…

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Smoke Gets In My Head

Fire season is melting my brain As a native Californian, wildfire season should be no surprise I’ve lived here for most of my life. I raised my kids in the foothills of Southern California, where flames licked the ridges of the…

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