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The Dying Woman We Drove Past

A battle for life in a strip mall parking lot We were heading home from a graduation party, along a route we’ve driven a thousand times before, past gas stations, car repair shops, a supermarket with its satellite storefronts ranged around…

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What Are You Worried About?

Whatever it is, it’s the wrong thing You had a lot on your mind this week That’s an assumption on my part, but I feel safe in making it. These days, how can any thinking person over the age of…

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Goals, Schmoals

Why I’m backing off on mine I have this thing about goals I set them for myself with near-religious zeal, from the overarching (live my life to the full) to the trivial (water the houseplants today before noon). I’m the…

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Content warning: impolite language

I wrote a Thing! A Thing that got published! All writers face rejection All writers who wish to be published, that is. If you’re journaling or blogging or sending out clever holiday letters — and I have seen some phenomenal…

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My Smart Watch is Self-Aware

It could write better haiku than me “Check your rings,” Watch says;It’s dissatisfied with me,(Almost all the time). I set my goals lowTo avoid this very thingBut I can’t fool Watch. Superficial cheerMasks withering contemptWhen Watch sees me fail. I’m…

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