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What Are You Worried About?

Whatever it is, it’s the wrong thing You had a lot on your mind this week That’s an assumption on my part, but I feel safe in making it. These days, how can any thinking person over the age of…

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Goals, Schmoals

Why I’m backing off on mine I have this thing about goals I set them for myself with near-religious zeal, from the overarching (live my life to the full) to the trivial (water the houseplants today before noon). I’m the…

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Content warning: impolite language

I wrote a Thing! A Thing that got published! All writers face rejection All writers who wish to be published, that is. If you’re journaling or blogging or sending out clever holiday letters — and I have seen some phenomenal…

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My Smart Watch is Self-Aware

It could write better haiku than me “Check your rings,” Watch says;It’s dissatisfied with me,(Almost all the time). I set my goals lowTo avoid this very thingBut I can’t fool Watch. Superficial cheerMasks withering contemptWhen Watch sees me fail. I’m…

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Hear That Sound?

That’s January arriving. Brace yourself Remember November? How it appeared burnished with gold and, as the weeks swelled into the feasting time, dripped with butter? Then December bustled in like a pleasantly plump auntie, eager to help decorate and shop…

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