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People around the country talking about the coming four years. Some of them exultant, some of them, as President Obama said Wednesday, “less so.”

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  1. Jan–well said and well reasoned, as always.

    However, since the electoral college has yet to vote, I think that citizens, particularly those who are voters in tightly contested states are within their constitutional rights to express their disagreement. A petition is not a pitchfork, (which might have been the popular solution had the outcome been reversed. Forgive my weariness of false equivalencies. We do not need to accept the playbook of the schoolyard bullies.)
    A part of me wants to let the country take the spanking it has earned approaching this dire contest of ideals with apathy, flippancy and impotent, punk rock, stick-it-to-ya-ism. (Hello write-in Bernie and write-in Harambe folks.) As a society, we blew it last Tuesday. However, if there is a “loophole” within the constitution, I think it is fair to let voters express their “buyer’s remorse” with their electors.

  2. You bet it’s fair, Nora, and I have no problem with the existence of the petition nor the fact that so many people have signed it — it’s encouraging to see people taking action. I just disagree with the tactic — as heartily tempted as I am to think it could work. I also think that if it did somehow come to pass, it could have unintended consequences that none of us would like. Of course, we’re already looking at some pretty dire consequences as it is. I know what you mean about taking the spanking. But, dang it, that means the majority of us who voted against Trump have to endure the paddling too. Sigh . . .

    • I guess that I am still roaming around in the delusional realm that America’s election of a fascist is just a clerical error. I am angry with the media for calling the race game over, when clearly it was not; I am disgusted with people who abused their rights as free citizens, either skipping out on election night or treating their vote as a joke or a Facebook attention-getting platform; but mostly what makes me doubt my senses is that I still have difficulty imagining a citizen of the free world who could cast an affirmative vote for a candidate whose only competence is in sowing hatred.

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