Raging Fires, Choking Air, Tiny Stories

Six-word tales from the burning West

Photo by James Todd on Unsplash


Lights on at noon in California.


That’s not snow falling; that’s ash.


Smoke seeps through walls and windows.


Nothing says apocalypse like poison skies.


Just breathe? Easier said than done.


The color of catastrophe is orange.

10 Replies to “Raging Fires, Choking Air, Tiny Stories”

  1. Laurie

    Brilliant bare-bones picture of the burning West. My Oregon son and daughter-in-law have been in PA visiting for my father-in-law’s funeral service. They left to go home today. I worry about the smoke they will encounter when they get home!

    • Jan M Flynn Post author

      I’m sorry for the reason they were visiting you, but glad they were with you in PA — and I truly hope they’re not in one of the worst-hit areas in Oregon. I can’t believe the photos I’m seeing of Talent, near Ashland — we know Shakespeare Festival actors who have homes (or did, at any rate) in Talent, and I shudder to think what’s become of them. Thanks for reading and commenting, Laurie, and sending you and yours thoughts of comfort and peace.

    • Jan M Flynn Post author

      Truth, Nick — I worked for the American Lung Association for six years, and I know just enough about particulate matter and lung disease to keep me awake at night when the air’s bad — and these days, it’s bad a lot of the time!

    • Jan M Flynn Post author

      Thanks, Barb. I’m thrilled to say that the air has improved vastly the past two days where I live . . . but not in many other regions of the West including where my family members live. None of us out here take fresh air for granted anymore, that I can tell you!

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