RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #208 Chance&Unite

I’m finding these haiku challenges to be fun and a handy kick-start to creativity. This week’s throw-down is to use the words chance and unite.

Here’s my effort:

Was it chance or love

Causing two cells to unite,

Drawing you to Earth?

Want to play? Find the (easy!) rules at Happy writing!


  1. OK, how’s this:
    Violence is pronounce Vi-lence, right :~)?
    It doesn’t follow all the haiku rules, but does have the right number of syllables and opposites..

    By chance you were born
    there Violence spilled you to
    we, the people. Unite.

    • 99 out of 100. The last line has 6 syllables . . . but what am I, the Haiku Police? You get bonus points for the timely theme, so there’s your 100 🙂

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