RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #208 Chance&Unite

I’m finding these haiku challenges to be fun and a handy kick-start to creativity. This week’s throw-down is to use the words chance and unite.

Here’s my effort:

Was it chance or love

Causing two cells to unite,

Drawing you to Earth?

Want to play? Find the (easy!) rules at Happy writing!


  1. Perfect! One of my many problems with the challenge is that once I read your Haiku, I can’t imagine a better one!

  2. OK, how’s this:
    Violence is pronounce Vi-lence, right :~)?
    It doesn’t follow all the haiku rules, but does have the right number of syllables and opposites..

    By chance you were born
    there Violence spilled you to
    we, the people. Unite.

    • 99 out of 100. The last line has 6 syllables . . . but what am I, the Haiku Police? You get bonus points for the timely theme, so there’s your 100 🙂

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