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Hey, Boomer! Stop Saying That

Five phrases to remove from your vocabulary right now If you’re a Boomer too, congratulations Welcome to the club, and I mean that wholeheartedly. But now that you’re here, there are five conversational gaffes you need to purge from your…

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Let’s Rethink This

A tuneup for self-talk I haven’t been my best friend lately In fact, if I had a friend who behaved toward me the way I’ve been treating myself recently, I’d tell her to piss off and come back when she’d…

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I Know What I Want

Santa, if you’re listening . . . I want — make that need — an elastic clock Not a watch with a stretchy wristband. Not even a smartwatch, because I’ve already got one that tells me the time — the…

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Your Name Escapes Me

I remember you. Just not your name You can tell I’ve forgotten, can’t you? You’re too nice to point that out, of course, which in a way makes me feel even stupider. But I’m standing in the endless checkout line…

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