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I’m Not Going Away

I’ll just be in my cave for awhile I’m about to do a very scary thing It might not seem that way to you. But for me, it makes my innards feel discombobulated, as though they’ve been slightly rearranged. Here’s…

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Change Your Focus, Change Your World

What you pay attention to forms your experience. For this month, I’ve set myself a challenge I’m calling Radical Gratitude: to discover something that sparks my joy (‘scuse me, Marie Kondo), or my wonder, and especially my appreciation, and share…

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Adjust Your Focus

As I write this my Napa Valley town, like a huge swath of California,is under a pall of smoke from the current plague of wildfires. The sunlight is tinged with an otherworldly amber glow. The air, when we venture outside,…

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Forming Impressions

adamscountyextra.com Do you remember 7th grade? I mean, in any detail? When I ask parents this question, their recollections tend to be cringeworthy. The time they got food stuck in their braces at the dance and sat outside the gym for the rest…

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Three Surefire Ways To Achieve Focus

Observe the use of the words “three” and “surefire” in the title of this post, thus employing the time-honored schtick of motivational speakers and writers. If you’re still reading, it worked. Your attention is at least momentarily caught, if not necessarily…

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