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Change Your Focus, Change Your World

What you pay attention to forms your experience. For this month, I’ve set myself a challenge I’m calling Radical Gratitude: to discover something that sparks my joy (‘scuse me, Marie Kondo), or my wonder, and especially my appreciation, and share…

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Thanks Again

As I write this, we are driving south to the Monterey Peninsula to celebrate Thanksgiving with a couple of branches of our family tree. And boy howdy, do we have a lot to give thanks for right here, right now.…

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Adjust Your Focus

As I write this my Napa Valley town, like a huge swath of California,is under a pall of smoke from the current plague of wildfires. The sunlight is tinged with an otherworldly amber glow. The air, when we venture outside,…

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A Short Post About A Long List

Here comes my favorite holiday: a day devoted entirely to celebrating the people and events and circumstances and things that bring us joy, or that make us comfortable, or that remind that our wee little lives are in fact miraculous…

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