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I’m Not Mad and I Like You

But you might not know that from the expression on my face “Are you mad at me?” my husband asks. I look up from my laptop, blinking at him in bewilderment. “What? No. Why would I be mad at you?”…

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I Can See Clearly Now

Widening my window of tolerance — and why we all might want to Recently, I went through a round of telemedicine talk therapy. It had been a long winter, and I’d been struggling with a pattern of self-defeating thoughts. But…

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Let’s Rethink This

A tuneup for self-talk I haven’t been my best friend lately In fact, if I had a friend who behaved toward me the way I’ve been treating myself recently, I’d tell her to piss off and come back when she’d…

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My Family’s Letting Me Down

If only they were more screwed up No wonder I’m so frustrated See that photo, the kids jumping for joy? Those aren’t my actual family members, but I have more than one pic of my real grandnieces and grandnephews doing…

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