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The Weirdest Test You’ll Ever Have

If you’ve been referred for a sleep study, here’s what to expect My preparations for bed have taken nearly an hour  My sleep technician, a calm and confident woman with a 50s family sitcom-motherly vibe, has carefully attached a complex network…

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Listen to Your Body

Before it starts screaming at you Our bodies speak to us in sensations So say a number of the yoga teachers I’ve had the pleasure to study with over the years. It’s an illuminating addition to the admonition we hear…

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Can We Potty Talk?

Your butt could be better off If you’re American, your derriere is in danger of neglect  My fellow American, I feel quite safe in this assumption. Why? Because as much time and energy as you devote to keeping your house,…

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Under the Heat Dome

We fled the California fires, and here we are Living in Napa Valley was a dream come true, at first In 2014 when we moved to the lovely little Wine Country town of St. Helena, we kept pinching ourselves. Here we…

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