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The Newest Culture War: Horse vs. Cow

Seriously, this is happening Lots of schools have switched mascots Since the early 1970s, as American institutions of higher learning have recognized the insensitive and downright racist nature of their mascots — which so often denigrated Native Americans — they…

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My Family’s Letting Me Down

If only they were more screwed up No wonder I’m so frustrated See that photo, the kids jumping for joy? Those aren’t my actual family members, but I have more than one pic of my real grandnieces and grandnephews doing…

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For Women Who Yearn to Be Heard

Life-changing new technology! Tired of trying to get a word in, ladies? Worn out by meetings where you can’t find an opening to state your thoughts because another gender keeps taking up all the verbal space? Tired of men who…

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I’m a Meme!

Am I the only one who didn’t know? I had an entirely different post in mind, until . . . I read the most recent issue of Roxanne Gay’s addictive newsletter, The Audacious Roundup (highly recommended). One of her beguiling…

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