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The Man Too Rich to Die

Meet the zillionaire whose penis will help him live forever It sounds like the pitch for a near-future sci-fi movie: a guy who’s made zillions in hi-tech startups at a young age devotes his time and fortune not only to…

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Please Don’t Judge Me

I have a weird compulsion My husband enters the room. I close my browser tab He glances at me. “You told me you’d stopped,” he says, and I know he knows what I’ve been doing. “You said you weren’t going to…

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Yep, I’m Too Old For That

Popular trends I’m delighted will skip me I have not taken up residence on the dustheap of history Not yet, not by a long shot. In certain dimensions of life, I’m just getting started. As a confirmed and happy late bloomer,…

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I Don’t Visit Strip Clubs

As a straight woman of a certain age, you may not find this surprising. But still . . . Having grown up in an era of stupidly rigid norms, I absorbed through my pores the notion that commercial establishments were…

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