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Is This Nirvana?

Or do I just have writer’s block? Those who meditate seek to quiet their internal chatter Practitioners of mindfulness — and I can claim only a guest membership in that serene population — will tell you that the goal of meditation is to slow the…

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America, the Choice is Yours

Donald Trump or Bruce Springsteen? Here’s a recent headline you may have missed  Not about another non-debate or the Supreme Court or the latest grim viral toll, nor about the latest hurricane or wildfire. This one is about Trump’s plans for…

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In Defense of Decaf

Yes, I drink decaffeinated coffee, and yes, you can trust me I rise to my defense. Calmly. Recently I read an article in which the writer claimed to not trust people who drink decaf, suspecting them of hiding something and objecting…

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Bad Dreams? You’ve Got Company

This post assumes you’re not on the COVID-19 frontlines If you’re a doctor, nurse, respiratory therapist, ambulance driver, or other healthcare worker; if you work in a pharmacy or a grocery store or a restaurant that’s gone to curbside pickup;…

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