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Becoming Climate Refugees

Trying to escape the California wildfires It’s the second time we’ve evacuated in four days We drive north and east, away from Napa Valley, away from the flames, away, we hope, from the noxious smoke. But as the highway ascends into the…

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Spring Break, Napa Style

Here in the northern half of Napa Valley — what locals call upvalley — spring break is underway. Yes, schools are out this week, but that’s not really what it’s all about here in wine country. Nor is it about…

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One Dogged Way to Get Unstuck

The sun made a brief reappearance in Napa Valley yesterday.  It lit up the chrome-yellow of the wild mustard blooming between the vines. Light and warmth suffused the twisting, mossy limbs of the oak trees, drawing birds and lizards and kids…

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Breaking Bud

Pardon my photography, which is informed more by enthusiasm than focus as I’m walking the dog along our twice-daily path past the vineyards that border our neighborhood. If you’ll indulge me: squint and look closely at the stick-looking thing in the…

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