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Things For Which You Forget to be Grateful

Just look around; they’re everywhere In my gratitude practice, here’s what I’ve noticed Maybe “practice” is too lofty a term. I don’t claim any specialness when it comes to spiritual mojo or mental hygiene. I’ve simply developed a nightly habit:…

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Life is a Road Trip

Thinking of it that way is my key to sanity This week, I confess I have fallen into error It’s a mistake I have made, alas, many times over. It has to do with taking myself seriously. That leads to brooding…

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Adjust Your Focus

As I write this my Napa Valley town, like a huge swath of California,is under a pall of smoke from the current plague of wildfires. The sunlight is tinged with an otherworldly amber glow. The air, when we venture outside,…

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