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Turned Off By Politics?

How about by being a citizen? You may not be interested in politics. But politics is interested in you That’s a version of a saying often attributed to Leon Trotsky, except with the word “war” replacing “politics.” I did a…

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Hey, Conservative Guy

Can we talk? Psst. Over here It’s me, the spiky-haired liberal woman with the “SNFLAK” license plate (SNOWFLAKE: get it? See, not all of us libs take ourselves too seriously). Before you roll your eyes and turn away, let’s acknowledge…

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I No Longer Write About Politics

And here’s why It’s not that I’ve stopped caring. Quite the opposite. The last five years in American politics have been especially brutal, but I’m not pulling, turtle-like, into my shell — as tempting as that can be. And boy…

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