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Times Are Dark, So Lighten Up

We won’t get through this if we lose all our joy I’m not trying to be funny here Seriously. What I’m after is a sober-sided defense of levity. After taking an afternoon off yesterday from all the awfulness that is America these…

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Life After COVID

It won’t be the same, and that could be good — or not Tired of the coronavirus? It’s not tired of you As Americans reel from economic duress and collective cabin fever, with no steady hand on the ship of state’s…

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Democrats, Time to Line Up

We may have to compromise if we want to save the nation Full disclosure: this post is written by a liberal, left-leaning Democrat who wants to see Trump defeated more than she wants to win Powerball. If you are a…

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Stop, Drop, and Howl

Sometimes it makes sense to freak out a little It’s good to be calm. Just not right now I am a big proponent of practicing mindfulness, cultivating equanimity, and approaching life as skillfully as possible. I meditate regularly, manage my…

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