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Yep, I’m Too Old For That

Popular trends I’m delighted will skip me I have not taken up residence on the dustheap of history Not yet, not by a long shot. In certain dimensions of life, I’m just getting started. As a confirmed and happy late bloomer,…

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Stop Speaking GOAT

You’re not still saying that, are you? This year’s Banished Words list is out Actually, it’s been out since New Year’s Eve, but if you’re still using banished words, the year is young. Now that the Super Bowl is behind…

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The Newest Culture War: Horse vs. Cow

Seriously, this is happening Lots of schools have switched mascots Since the early 1970s, as American institutions of higher learning have recognized the insensitive and downright racist nature of their mascots — which so often denigrated Native Americans — they…

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I’m a Meme!

Am I the only one who didn’t know? I had an entirely different post in mind, until . . . I read the most recent issue of Roxanne Gay’s addictive newsletter, The Audacious Roundup (highly recommended). One of her beguiling…

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