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What Did I Miss While I Was Gone?

It seems the world went on without me Returning from vacation is weird \Getting away for longer than an extended weekend takes a lot of forethought, a lot of anticipation, a lot of fortune-telling: you will wish you’d brought that…

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Allow Me to Explain

Regarding wombats, unicycles, karma, and kitchen sinks There’s a reason you’re looking at a wombat I can explain. As you may know, I also write on Medium.com (you can find me there using the search bar under my profile, @janmflynn1537).…

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Can We Come Out Now?

Ready or not, it’s a different world My friends and I take a table outside and scan the posted QR code  Three-dimensional menus are largely a casualty of the pandemic. It’s a small but pervasive shift, one of the reminders that…

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