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Story Time Teaser

(Help a writer out here) I’ve written before about how much I like writing contests. They can provide challenge, inspiration, and, if you win or get a mention, a big whacking shot of confidence — something every writer except possibly…

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I’d Like to Try That Again, Please

If only time allowed do-overs I’m a sucker for time travel stories Some of my favorite books play with time as though it were elastic — from Madeleine L’Engle’s enchanting A Wrinkle In Timeto Audrey Niffenegger’s poignant The Time Traveler’s Wifeto Octavia Butler’s…

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How Mothers Time Travel

I’m on the phone with my older son when I get a call from my younger son’s fiancé. I mention this to my older son. “Weird,” he says, “she just tried to call me too.” Abruptly the present, calm water…

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