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Happiness: A Radical Act

silhouette photography of group of people jumping during golden time

Living lightly in dark times There’s no end of reasons to be unhappy In this third spring of the pandemic, we are only just emerging, or so we hope, into some semblance of our old freedoms. As we begin to…

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Light in the Darkness

Could Russia’s invasion of Ukraine pull Americans together? This post was born in a liquor store Don’t jump to conclusions. For the record, it was late morning and I was as sober as a judge. We’ll come back to the…

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Bringing War Closer

green field under white and blue clouds during daytime

Suddenly Ukraine isn’t far away A time has come I never thought I’d live to see As Russian forces massed on the borders of Ukraine and Putin ginned up justifications for an unprovoked invasion, I hoped he could be edged…

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