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At a Writer’s Conference?

Do This, Not That: Seven Success Tips Attending a conference can be a powerfully inspiring and educational experience, connecting you with published authors, agents, editors, and propelling you forward on your writing journey. Or it can be an intimidating and…

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Conference Confidential

So I’ve just returned from the Historical Novel Society conference in Portland — and I do mean just; I’m perched on a semi-padded bench at SFO waiting for the airporter to Napa — and my little writer brain is whizzing along…

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Judging By The Cover

Let’s pretend you’re browsing through a bookstore. Picture your favorite independent bookseller’s shop, someplace with racks and racks of tempting volumes and plenty of light and comfy chairs, an espresso bar and maybe a cat (a congenial, hypoallergenic cat that only…

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