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The Road Trip to Inspiration

Is your well of creativity running dry? Get in the car In my experience, there is nothing that both relaxes and unleashes the imagination like settling in for a long car ride. Not a commute, not a schlepp to a…

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At a Writer’s Conference?

Do This, Not That: Seven Success Tips Attending a conference can be a powerfully inspiring and educational experience, connecting you with published authors, agents, editors, and propelling you forward on your writing journey. Or it can be an intimidating and…

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What Happened While I Sat

I carve out some time every morning to sit. Nothing special or mystical. I just sit there. Sometimes I listen to a guided meditation, or I listen to some nice recorded Tibetan singing bowls. Other times I set a timer…

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For Writers: Exercise In Your Genre

“Writing and travel broaden your ass if not your mind and I like to write standing up.” —  Ernest Hemingway reddit.com Hemingway made it a habit to stand while writing. So did Charles Dickens,  Virginia Woolf, Soren Kierkegaard, and Stan Lee. It…

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How Marie Kondo Will Help You Write

If you have yet to hear about Marie Kondo, then you’ve been hiding under a rock, or more probably, a mountain of clutter. Kondo’s approach to personal organization, the KonMari method, has built her a very tidy international empire. Her…

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