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  • Jan Flynn

An Inconvenient Rhyme

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the land

Our knowledge was warped because words had been banned.

The experts who were in a position to know

What might solve our problems? They couldn’t say so.

Not if they want to be funded, that is. Let’s face it, government grants are their biz.

It wasn’t so much a strict ban, as a hint

That Republicans quail at “entitlement”

And other like terms, such as “evidence-based”

That refer to a reality they haven’t faced

For long decades now, as they’ve fought without pity

Against those “vulnerable” and that damn “diver-sity.”

And while Fearless Leader continues to tweet us,

Our very best minds cannot even say “fetus.”

They’ll have to use terms like pre-birth or unborn

If they don’t want their grant applications all torn

Into wee little shreds, or simply erased

Because they’ve suggested their work’s “science-based.”

The people in charge simply don’t want to hear it.

If it challenges dogma, they hate and they fear it.

So forget about studies of LGBT

Or stem cells or CRISPR or gene therapy

And don’t even start with a word like “transgender.”

You might as well throw your career in the blender.

So, my friends, as you raise your glasses on high

To ring in the New Year, how ‘bout we all try

To restore common sense, before it’s too late?

Denial did not make America great.

We’re stronger when we face the facts all together.

Like climate change, folks: that’s more than bad weather.

Yet despite all the nonsense, I wish for you cheer

And the comfort of loved ones, both those far and near.

May you enjoy all of your celebration,

Let’s audaciously hope for the health of our nation.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night. And forgive the doggerel!



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