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  • Jan Flynn

Haiku in Anticipation

We’re meeting my son’s girlfriend

Our son, visiting For the first time in a year With his new GF.

New to us, that is: They’ve dated since pre-COVID, And now we’ll meet her.

Not that I’m anxious, Just want her to feel welcome — I think we’re ready.

The house, burnished bright; The garden, fluffed and weeded; The car, washed and waxed.

Flowers in their room, Chocolates on the pillows — Maybe that’s too much?

I’ve seen her photos — Lovely, elegant, well-dressed — My wardrobe looks dull.

There’s only one chance To make a first impression, Mother always said.

At this point in life, I don’t care what people think But when I do, oy!

An endless drive to The airport where they’re landing — I’ve become the child.

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