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  • Jan Flynn

I’m Baaaaaaaack . . . I Think

I can’t wait to tell you all about my trip to France last week. Except. I just got back and I have

less than 24 hours to recover before I go back to work and confront several hundred adolescents.

And I travel about as well as your basic soufflé.

I will post photos and tell tales and distill wisdom from our brief sojourn, I really will. Just not now. Right now I’m too busy tinkering with my internal clock, which is so far out of whack it’s like something from the old Twilight Zone opening credits.

Meanwhile, I offer you some yummy quotes about travel in general. One reason I love quotes so much is that they are there to bail me out when my brain won’t start. I am particularly fond of this one:

As well as this one:

And I strongly agree with this one:

I hope to be to back in sync with my time zone at home soon. Meanwhile, any advice or comments you have to offer on dealing with vacation re-entry are deeply appreciated!

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