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Yes, go to the funeral

Because showing up matters “I love funerals!” said no one ever I doubt even morticians say that. At least, not out loud. For the rest of us, there is no “fun” in funerals. That holds true even when they’re called something…

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What I Learned on Safari

Nature’s balance is perfect. But brutal The day before I left on a long-planned, dream trip to Kenya, a blogger friend sent me a bon voyage message. In part, it read: Let it change you. Indeed it has, in ways…

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Life After Loss

Learning to live past grief: a podcast episode not to miss 1 Whether or not you believe in a soul that survives physical death — some form of consciousness that moves on to another realm of existence, or perhaps diffuses…

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I’m Not Mad and I Like You

But you might not know that from the expression on my face “Are you mad at me?” my husband asks. I look up from my laptop, blinking at him in bewilderment. “What? No. Why would I be mad at you?”…

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I’m Turning Purple!

Another gift of the aging process I wish I could return It’s happening more and more often. I come in from doing yard work, take off my gardening gloves, and there it is. A spot that I swear wasn’t there…

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