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Tell Me A Tale in 120 Words: The Cure For Writers’ Block

I’m late to the party again, but this month’s TMAT120 prompt from the lovely and talented Joelle at Two On A Rant is, “Tell me

about your cure for writers’ block.” To review, the challenge is to respond in 120 words, which I, in my rule-bound way, have taken to mean 120 words exactly, no more, no less.

Being intimately familiar with writers’ block, how could I refuse this gauntlet, once thrown my way? So while it’s still July, I offer my response (which Word Press counts as precisely 120 words, and if you count differently, please don’t tell me; I have enough problems with numbers as it is):


Simple Cure for Writers Block

  1. If you think you have writers’ block, you are correct.

  2. If you think writers’ block does not exist, you are also correct.

  3. Writers’ block is a fiction.

  4. You write fiction.

  5. Ergo, at some point, you will experience writers’ block.

  6. It could look like this:

  1. Or perhaps this:

  1. Or something like this:

  1. Your block is unique to you, but all blocks are cured with four ingredients:

  2. A chair.

  3. Time

  4. Something to write with.

  5. Your butt.

  6. Apply (4) to (1) and combine with (3).

  7. Add (2).

  8. Add more (2) as required.

  9. Repeat.

  10. Repeat.

  11. Repeat.

  12. Continue until block is cleared and words flow again.

  1. Maintain daily application to prevent return of condition.

  2. I said it was simple. I didn’t say it was easy.

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