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Let’s Make This Easy

Why didn’t I think of this sooner?

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

I’d love to hear from you

Just like all bloggers, writers, and podcasters want to hear from their readers or listeners, I’m thrilled when I get a comment. Because I know this, I try to make sure I leave comments or otherwise reach out to the online creators whom I follow.

But honestly, sometimes it’s a pain to scroll down and leave a comment on a blog post, or DM someone on Twitter, or do whatever it is one does on TikFace, etc.

And because I’m writing on multiple platforms and also releasing my weekly show, Here’s A Thought — the blog cast for people who overthink — it strikes me that there might be an easy default for anyone who wants to get in touch with me to do just that:

Email me!

I mean, just old-fashioned, old-school email. Yes, if you subscribe to my email list on Medium or on my website, you’ll be officially on my, well, email list — which means you’ll hear from me every time I release another post or article.

But maybe you don’t want that. Maybe you just want to send me a quick note, or a correction, or a virtual hug (or a virtual raspberry: I can take it, but don’t be mean).

And if you do listen to any of my Here’s A Thought episodes (they’re not long; think of them as fun-size), I would be absolutely tickled pink if you’d send me your thoughts and I’d be over the moon if you’d give me a suggestion as to what you’d like me to overthink in an upcoming episode!

image by author via Canva

So, here is my brand-new, dedicated email address:

See? Easy.

You could help me take the show in a new direction

I still want to keep the episodes short, simple, and sweet (okay, maybe semisweet, like good chocolate). But I’m thinking it might be awfully fun to respond to listeners’ questions or comments and build episodes around that, at least from time to time.

Not Dear Abby, exactly, just my take on what listeners suggest. Topics can be anything that’s running through your brain and that you’d like to divert through mine to see what results — things like food, entertainment, culture, weird table manners, African mole rats, whatever.

In the interests of keeping the show friendly and reasonably clean (I don’t want anybody to have to shrivel in embarrassment if they have kids or grandkids listening in), I will shy away from subjects that are wildly off-color, divisive, or unpleasant — and I get to be the decider on what constitutes all three of those. I’ll know ’em when I see ’em.

And please suggest blog posts!

I’ve been blogging weekly for, egad, years now, and I’m honored to say I’ve found some very loyal readers along the way. In defiance of most advice to bloggers out there, this isn’t a blog about a particularly narrow or focused topic. It’s not a blog about health, or consumer products, or politics, or pets — although I have at one time or another addressed all of those.

It occurs to me — I’m a slow learner — that those who read my posts might have ideas for me to explore in future posts. If so, I am all ears (or eyes)! Same provisos apply (basically, don’t be mean), and again, that email is:

I promise I will do my very best to be prompt in responding. If you want to continue to leave comments the way you have in the past, you don’t need to change a thing.

Just know that, however you reach out to me, I wildly appreciate you doing so.

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