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  • Jan Flynn

Tooting My Horn

I’m interviewed on a podcast!

Image courtesy Nancy Peckenham

I’ve hyped Crow’s Feet previously

One, because I think its positive, honest, anti-ageism theme is important — and two, because I’m one of its producers.

And in this episode, I’m the guest interviewee! Warren Turner, another member of the Crows Feet team who is both a skilled writer and a lovely gentleman, is the host.

Full confession: since this episode is about me, promoting it makes me feel shy.

But am I going to let that stop me? Nope. I’m really proud of the Crow’s Feet team and the production values of the podcast they’ve put together.

I hope you’ll give it a listen. It’s available on all the platforms, including on Apple Podcasts.

I’d love to know what you think of it — so if you listen, please leave a comment!

I’ll stop tooting now.

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